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 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one million workers in the leisure and hospitality industry quit their jobs in November 2021. The National Restaurant Association also reported that recruiting and retaining workers will be the biggest challenge for approximately half of restaurant operators.

The reasons behind this trend are complex. COVID-19 played a significant role in the initial shutdown of over 100,000 restaurants during the pandemic, but many workers who lost their jobs chose not to return, and those who did often left again. The industry has also faced issues with increased abuse from customers and managers, lower tips, and enforcing mask or vaccine mandates. offers solutions to help manage labor shortages in the restaurant industry. Our AI technology enables customers to use their phone as their waiter or server, utilizing voice technology and AI for a more efficient and convenient dining experience. With DineX, customers can easily find a restaurant, view menus, and receive personalized recommendations. They can even make reservations and invite friends to join them in just a few taps.

For restaurant owners, DineX offers POS functionality, including menu, order, table, and cash management, as well as customer management and data security. Our app is compatible with many popular POS systems, including Toast, Posist Restaurant POS, Square Point of Sale, NCR Aloha POS, Touch Bistro Restaurant POS, Upserve, Paycom, Lightspeed Restaurant, and Paylocity.

In addition to helping with labor shortages, DineX also offers a rewards program for customers, allowing them to earn points with every qualifying purchase and redeem them for free food rewards, birthday rewards, meal donations, and more. Our app even remembers customers’ preferences and uses customized AI voice technology to reflect the restaurant’s unique personality.

Overall, DineX is committed to providing practical and user-friendly solutions for both customers and restaurant owners in the hospitality industry. Whether you’re looking for a new dining experience, trying to manage your restaurant more efficiently, or simply looking for a convenient and personalized dining experience, DineX has you covered. technologies have the solutions and the AI technology that can help manage your labor shortages.

Turning your customer’s phone into ¬†your new waiter/server using the latest in AI technology and the power of voice technology for your restaurant.

Are you ready to join us in revolutionizing the hospitality industry? With DineX, we’re offering a fully immersive dining experience that combines cutting-edge technology with the best in hospitality. Our goal is to be the first and the best in this hospitality/tech fusion industry, offering a virtual experience that rivals the real thing. By investing in DineX, you’ll be at the forefront of a game-changing technology that’s poised to transform the way we dine.

Our team has extensive experience in the hospitality and technology sectors, with a deep understanding of what it takes to create an exceptional dining experience. We’re committed to perfecting the full dining experience while offering top-notch service in a way that has never been done before. Our subscription model offers a seamless experience for both restaurant owners and guests, with features like stored customer information for repeat orders and personalized recommendations based on preferences. Our proprietary technology allows for a fully immersive dining experience, with deep fake cutting-edge technology that brings virtual servers to life. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of something truly groundbreaking. Click the link to view our proposal and take the first step toward investing in DineX


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