Operational excellence can be achieved and capitalized through improved turnaround time, reduced bottlenecks and modernized supply chain. End to end eBusiness solutions help organizations meet diverse market verticals, business to business and business to customer, for an increased market share. Integrating technology with internal and external business strategies through exclusive software and eCommerce applications, respectively accelerates primary as well as secondary value chains. IT-enabled investments impact growth significantly; ROI graph shoots as high as you draw out an innovation curve.

Get your business live on the web and expand your operations as well as clients’ network across the globe. To embark a successful international journey, robust IT solutions – thriving on respective technologies must be deployed to innovate business systems. The multiplicity of tasks is simplified through technology driven multi-tier automated infrastructure.

From defining business requirement through in-depth case study to design and development of featured e-business solutions, DOT Technologies provides e-business consulting services to facilitate your operations in the demanding business and technology environments. Our e-business consulting model ensures reliable, flexible and secure applications to accelerate your business lifecycle . Confronting real time situations, our eBusiness solutions are result oriented and high performing. Significantly, great user experience makes our solutions extraordinary.

Mobile E-Commerce

The mobile user base has grown exponentially over the last few years, thereby the need for online stores to become mobile commerce ready has become virtually mandatory at this point. If your online store is not optimized for mobile devices, then you are missing out on a lot of business.

Some of the things that make an online store optimized for m-commerce are things like responsive design with easy-to-use navigation menus, solid mobile search features, and easy checkout and payment, all done over mobile. You need not have a mobile app to do it, just have your website optimized for mobile if possible

Shipping/Fulfillment Services

One of the biggest challenges for e-businesses is delivering product to customers.
Customers have high expectations for shipping. They want free, or low-cost shipping that’s available in different lengths.
96% of consumers consider “fast shipping” to be either same-day or next-day delivery. Only 63% of people consider within 3 – 4 days as “fast.”

Not only do e-businesses have to have these options, they also have to deliver on-time, as promised. E-tailers who can do this consistently are considered reliable. This earns them repeat purchases, or loyal customers.

BlueBrook Media can advise your organization on the optimum solution.


Raise your hand if you’ve ever been here before. You either fill-out a spreadsheet or log into an invoice template site. You spend the next 10-20 minutes entering essential information.

Got it! Address, invoice number, and itemized list of or products or services your provided. Check.

Is this the end of the world? Not really. But, when you’re sending out multiple invoices at once it becomes a lengthy and repetitive process.

With online invoicing software, all client information is saved in the cloud. The client’s name and address, payment terms, and preferred payment method are saved and protected.

All you have to do is log into your account, select the client you want to invoice. You input the amount of hours or products you provided. Select a due date, click send and the invoice arrives electronically to the client. Only a minute or two to complete.

In short, online invoicing not only speeds up the entire payment process, it’s also incredibly user-friendly. You can get your account set-up and start billing clients in a matter of minutes with minimal training.

SEO Is Critical For Helping Customers Find You

Having an e-commerce website without SEO is leaving cash on the table — and plenty of it.

But don’t take my word for it. Log on to your analytics tool. Look at where most of your traffic, conversions and sales come from. I’m positive that, in most cases, organic search will rank as one of your top sources of revenue. For many businesses, Google drives the lion’s share of profit-producing traffic. (And if it doesn’t for yours, then you’re making some big mistakes somewhere.)

The way technology has evolved over the years has transformed the way consumers purchase products. Search is now an integral part of the decision-making process, with 89 percent of consumers using search engines to inform their purchase decisions.

If your revenue were to drop by 50 percent, alarm bells would go off instantly — yet that doesn’t happen when you miss a chance to grow by 50 percent. Siesta Marketing understands the opportunity is  there for you to grab with our superior SEO strategy.

Smart Shopping Cart & Streamlined Payment System

Every ecommerce site needs a way to capture online payments easily and instantly. If you don’t provide a simple, streamlined payment system, potential customers will shop elsewhere. Invest in solid software that allows you to integrate online, retail, and mobile payments into a single system. Further, your shopping cart should remain intact so your customer doesn’t have to start shopping all over again if she steps off your page momentarily. Nearly a quarter of shoppers will leave their cart to come back later, sometimes on a different device, to make the purchase.

Subscription Business Model

A subscription business model offers much higher payment safety for your business. It helps in realising automatic online transactions to receive regular payments for the products and services sold. This ensures not just regularity of business but also the cash being generated from it. The model provides overall stability to the business. It can opt for an appropriate subscription billing software and use late payment reminders to get the clients to pay up on time. Online payment gateways help in getting automated recurring payments. This helps in doing away with the time and effort involved in payment follow ups.

A model that helps you get subscriptions for your business provides a host of opportunities for faster business growth. The model does not just mean regular business but also adds to the stability with consistent flow of cash. It allows for better and consistent ROI on the marketing efforts through regular customer engagement.

Mobile Application

Going Mobile?

This is the booming age for mobile application development market and Siesta Key Digital Marketing delivers the latest in technology and offers full suite of custom mobile application development services. We offer wide spectrum mobile app development solutions to our clients across the globe. Our services cater to all major mobile app development platforms and we ensure client satisfaction by not only delivering services according to their request, but also by delivering business value that lasts long.

As compared to web development, mobile app development is a complex process and hence it requires much more expertise and experienced resources. At Siesta Key Digital Marketing, we have experienced mobile application developers who work closely with clients and deliver services according to their requirements. Our team strives to deliver unique mobile application development services that will boost productivity, reduce operational cost, increase ROI and enhance competitiveness.

Platforms we work on

  • iOS application development
  • Android application development
  • Window application development
  • Blackberry application development

Our approach to a successful application

  • Not being confined to just single type of application or platform. In fact, we offer wide range of applications on different platforms that cater to versatile categories such as lifestyle, business, games, education, news, weather, finance, travel and so on.
  • Creating top-notch apps that can increase the efficiency of your business as well as generate brand awareness of your products and services.
  • Our mobile application developers are also efficient in creating custom mobile apps for different needs of the clients in an effort to strengthen their business.
  • We create attractive and unique applications for every client and it makes it easier for them to market their message in a much simpler manner.

Harness the power of innovation and technology and enhance your business potential with Siesta Key Digital Marketing.

Android Application

Despite of entering market quite late, Android, built on Java, has been able to catch up the popularity of smartphone devices. In fact, android applications are giving a tough competition to the blackberry, iOS, Symbian and Windows mobile devices. Android presents a significant platform for smartphones that presents persuasive and intriguing application developments. Power packed with user-friendly and creative features, intuitive interface and amazing applications, Android has brought a revolutionized turning point in the mobile application development services. And this thriving Android market has turned a remunerative opportunity for businesses to reckon with. These days businesses are looking for customized and flexible Android application development services through which they can tap the market and reach out to a larger global audience.


Our Android Application Development Services:

  • Android web based applications
  • Android games development
  • Tailor made Android applications
  • Mobile business software creation
  • Bluetooth, GPS & wifi support
  • Security & multimedia mobile solutions
  • Android Communication Application Development

Tools and Technologies Used:

  • JAVA
  • Titanium (Cross Platform for Android)
  • Phone Gap (Cross Platform)
  • Sencha (Cross Platform)

Why choose BlueBrook Media?

Our dedicated and experienced professionals not only have in-depth knowledge of how this platform operates but also they are a perfect choice for developing android apps that are matchless in terms of quality and efficiency.

  • Expertise in web & mobile application development.
  • An open source, creative & feature rich platform
  • 24X7 assistance for Android development & programing)
  • Cost efficient apps development for Android
  • Flexible and easy application porting
  • Easy to use application development tools
  • Easily incorporated with Google mail and calendar
  • High quality and timely delivery

We work exclusively on every project ensuring timely completion, and keeping our clients involved at every stage of the process. We work on all kinds of application development in Android ranging from games to business application. Convert your creative vision into live application with the help of our trained Android developers.

Iphone Application

According to the Research Firm Gartner, Apple holds 36 percent market share on 70.4 million sales. The market share of Apple is expected to grow in coming years and why it wouldn’t? Apple’s iOS technology has showcased immense power and functionality to the mobile devices and has been the benchmark since the launch of app store. The technology continues to grow not only with popularity, but also with market share and wide acceptability. iphone app development is rapidly increasing in the market today because of its uniqueness, state-of-the-art technology, sleek design and individuality. We at Siesta Key Digital Marketing, specialize in providing robust and comprehensive iOS application development services catering to diverse business verticals.

With our in-depth knowledge of the iOS app development process, we create stunning, user-friendly, portable and secure applications for iPhone, iPad, iPad Minis and iPod touch. BlueBrook Media holds years of experience and knowledge in the IT and software industry. We ensure that your iOS application is based on your business that helps you to establish your individuality in the business market. In order to deliver surpassed iOS application development services, we at Dot Technologies, boast an in-house team of proficient and skilled iPhone developers. Our expert team uses logical iPhone app development approaches and proven expertise in developing cutting-edge apps for the clients.


No matter what kind of application you need, we can build it for you. We follow few simple steps for successful iOS app development –

  • Examine and study your business objective.
  • Contemplate the mobile application flow.
  • Delivering product/ services as per your needs and requirements.

It is not just our iPhone app development process that sets us apart from others, but the amount of effort we put in to understand the intricacies of a project from technical perspective. We ensure that our clients get the best from our knowledge, experience and understanding. Our team of experts will work with you from the start till the delivery of the project.


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