Elisa’s Creamoncello

Limoncello is lemon flavored liqueur mainly popularized in Southern Italy, primarily in the region and the coast of Amalfi, but now enjoyed worldwide.

For many, sharing a glass of lemon liqueur with friends, new or old has been the essence of hospitality. When dinner was done, out came a bottle of fragrant limoncello. On one of her many trips to Italy, Elisa Tufano began converting ancient recipes into a modern, cream version that is now enjoyed at any time, used in cocktails or when baking.

“Elisa’s Creamoncello®”. Is the result of years of converting those ancient recipes into a delicious, rich, smooth, delightful drink in 10 flavors. All our flavors are made by combining basic limoncello with cream and a number of proprietary ingredients. When served chilled, it is most enjoyable, but it can be served at room temperature, or over ice.

Skills used

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