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The Tutor Hub

The Tutor Hub, Africa’s leading remote education company, we create fun, localised and multi-platform educational media that reaches millions of families through accessible technologies. Our programs significantly improve school readiness and learning outcomes for kids, and also promote social and behavioural change for kids, caregivers and educators.

Achieving Breakthroughs in Education for Children

A good quality education helps children reach their full potential; however, for millions of children and youth, it is beyond reach and many are not learning basic skills like reading and math if they do attend school.

The Tutor Hub team works across five major areas, finding the best solutions to help children learn and thrive. Our teams are:

Early Child Care and Development: These programs are focused on children aged 0-6, a period of tremendous growth in all areas of a child’s development. Our ECCD interventions range from work with 0-6 year olds as well as efforts to enable parents or caregivers to promote brain development, health and well-being as children prepare for school.

Basic Education: Our Basic Education programs help school-age children develop  vital skills to ensure their success both in school and out. Using proven approaches such as Literacy Boost and Numeracy Boost, Save the Children is ensuring children acquire foundational literacy, math and socio-emotional skills, which will prepare them for a lifetime of learning.

School Health and Nutrition: School Health and Nutrition programs help school age children be healthy to learn and learn to be healthy. We use comprehensive approaches to overcome the effects of chronic malnutrition, illnesses, like malaria and zika, as well as working to improve oral and vision health, access to water and sanitation including menstrual hygiene and road safety.

Education Research: Save the Children’s dedicated researchers, build the capacity of the organization to better understand what works for supporting all children’s learning and development.

Education in Emergencies: The Tutor Hub’s education in emergency programs ensure children return to learning as quickly as possible after the onset of a humanitarian crisis. Children experiencing natural disasters or conflict benefit from our Learning and Well-being in Emergencies approach which provides them with essential academic and socio-emotional skills to start to recover and resume some normalcy in their lives.

Whether you’re a qualified teacher or a first-time volunteer teacher, you’ll gain invaluable experience and have the opportunity to work alongside qualified teachers to improve English literacy, build vocational skills and enhance career prospects among students..
Donate a Scholarship
The Tutor Hub is an education charity that awards scholarships to orphans, underprivileged students in Ghana and West Africa. We seek to identify students who possess the will, passion, and commitment to contribute to their communities..
We aim to assist disadvantaged South Africans in their quest to obtain a quality, relevant education in order to ensure that they are in a position to become global citizens and a competitive, productive element in the local job market.
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Take a look at what makes The Tutor Hub for Africa a great choice!

Students who choose to attend The Tutor Hub’s online schools can earn academic qualifications that are recognized and respected around the world. Online classes can allow students to interact with a diverse, global, and intercultural group of students and offer international students a unique cultural experience, and studying online has become a legitimate pathway into world-renowned international universities.

Finding the right online school can broaden a student’s educational possibilities far beyond what they might be able to encounter in their surrounding area and can help students who might have struggled with traditional schools shine.

Harnessing children’s potential through quality education for every child



Africa’s education crisis does not make media headlines. Children don’t go hungry for want of textbooks, good teachers and a chance to learn. But this is a crisis that carries high costs. It is consigning a whole generation of children and youth to a future of poverty, insecurity and unemployment. It is starving firms of the skills that are the life-blood of enterprise and innovation. And it is undermining prospects for sustained economic growth in the world’s poorest region.

Tackling the crisis in education will require national and international action on two fronts: Governments need to get children into school – and they need to ensure that children get something meaningful from their time in the classroom. Put differently, they need to close the twin deficit in access and learning.


of your donation goes to Relief and Development

This is spent directly towards our goal of creating education for African children.



  We seek to inspire students and their families to reach their full potential, by developing essential skills to attain social and economic independence.


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